Alex Luing


Tom and Alex Luing own and run Bridges Financial, an independent practice underneath CMA. Bridges Financial specializes in providing a holistic approach to planning that is relationship focused and includes tax preparation. Bridges Financial offers tax preparation internally and through CMA Tax as well as providing retirement plan services. The company focuses less on a client niche than a serving niche. 

     Tom: Tom is the founder and owner of Bridges Financial and is the President of CMA Financial, Inc. Tom joined CMA in 2009 and built Bridges Financial from scratch into what it is today. He has 35 years of industry experience and broke out to start his own business in order to focus on holistic and ethics-first approach to financial planning. In his free time he loves to be outdoors, on the water, or reading the latest Clive Cussler book. 

     Jean: Jean is the engine that keeps Bridges Financial running. She has spent 35 years working with clients at Bridges Financial, before it joined CMA, before we had a web-based financial planning program, and before Tom acquired the clients in 2016. Jean is a relationship focused operations manager and her deep and rich knowledge of the industry, financial planning, and our software systems is invaluable. Jean loves travelling and biking and in her free time you can catch her fishing with her husband Tony on their boat. 

     Alex: Alex is a CFP professional, a partner at CMA Financial, and Tom's son. He has been with CMA for five years and has focused on investment research and management while growing his knowledge of other areas of planning. Alex has begun to transition into the lead advisor role and always loves talking markets and strategy with clients. In his free time he loves to workout, read, and travel with his partner Paget. 

     Nancy: Nancy is our tax guru and list queen. Nancy prepares almost all of our tax returns, prepares new accounts and contract paperwork, and takes care of innumerable amounts of ancillary needs for our business. Without a doubt Nancy is part of the glue that keeps our team together. She has been with CMA for ___ years and will loves seeing her sons in Minnesota and Colorado with her husband, Paul.

     Annette: Annette is our retirement plans specialist and manages this process from end to end flawlessly. She holds an MBA and a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation. Annette helps companies and non-profits with creating and implementing retirement plans customized for each clients needs. She also helps with participant enrollment, annual filings, participant education, and helps with our retail side of the business with account rollover documentation. She has been with CMA for 6 years and have ___ years of experience in the industry. 

     Nicole: Nicole is the shedule master for Bridges Financial. She has been with CMA for four years and has quickly expanded from scheduling to also encompass a large amount of our operational work. Nicole manages client meeting scheduling, meeting preparation, meeting follow-up, our quarterly newsletter, paperwork, and helping our office fully embrace the digital age.